Monday, October 10, 2016

Culture experience in different countries

I might enjoy the view and scenery in other countries, and travel to other different places to explore different lifestyle. I do not want to just watch it from the television, though it also helps me to understand more.

I like to share my experience on my travel log, especially on culture part, you know, it's different in different countries, try to respect it, although you might not agree with that. 

Let's see on my trip to Japan. 

Top 10 from my observation (you might have different views): 
1. They are polite and smiley face when come to service, best service I ever experienced

2. They label price on their selling products, i find it easy for us to think if we would like to buy it or not

3. Their awesome cashier machine! Everywhere! Japan coins are more common. I don't use coin bag since i was ten, but then I was thinking to buy one at that time. Oh, so what is so awesome? When the cashier enters the amount I give, the balance of coins will drop from that machine. Go to google it, it really fun.

4. They have clean and advanced toilet. It's free of charge. Not to say i said it free, I have to pay (at some places in Penang), so it is cool to have it free of charge and most important is clean

5. They have tiny little house/room. Penang house is not big as well, but then after i stay there for one and half weeks, I think my room is bigger than the hotel room in Japan.

6. Girls are most likely to have fringe, their style. I myself do not have fringe (probably because of K-style), so it is quite refreshing to see them having fringe.

7. They are super helpful even they do not understand our language. Sometimes I feel like they have their guts on "We can do it".

8. They have a lot of job opportunities. I saw the shopping mall open space parking lots, there have few guards to guide the car in the parking lots. They bow and use their hand gesture to guide them in. Just wonder they might higher pay or more benefits.

9. Awesome selling places. They own whole block to sell something, eg. clothes, electronics, MUJI, etc.

10. Top 3 products. How it works? It happens most of their shops label Top-seller number 1,2, and 3 products. It is kinda clear to attract us go for it.


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